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Our friends from News & Coffee have been revolutionizing the concept of newsstand by giving this traditional piece of the city landscape and of our memories a second life with their concept of “unusual place for coffee and curated reads to go”, featuring curated magazines, specialty coffee, nice music and cool people.

Knowing about our know-how in the cocktail and general drinks biz, they approached us to design their own line of soft drinks. Of course we jumped in and we came up with this sub-brand, with its own personality, but within the News & Coffee umbrella. A limited edition of three different drinks, inspired by the wide concept of brewing.

These are not iced teas, neither cold brews, cocktails, or even juices, but a bit of all that. These are Creative Brews.

We developed the concept, recipes, production, naming, branding and packaging.

These cuties are not available anymore, but stop by one of the kiosks in Barcelona to say hi and have some good coffee.

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