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homemade pastries

The girls from SALTY SIN came to us with this cool idea of starting a smal delivery business of salty/not too sweet homemade pastries, mostly focused on pies, and this funcky name “Salty Sin”,  representing that duality and balance of flavors. They asked us to develop the branding for this project. With that name, we immediately thought of this crafty but modern look and feel, with a naughty, cool vibe, full of texture and deliciousness. It had to give you that “food porn” first impression. With the brand’s presence being mainly on Instagram, we also had in mind an easy DIY brand use and maintenance.

We developed the whole branding, including the main logo, logo variations, packaging concept, a variety of stickers featuring a lot of music hits inpired quotes, selection of offline and online fonts, brand strategy and also a bunch of social media templates for them to play around without loosing the brand consistency.

If you happen to be in Barcelona, hit them up and try some of their pies. They are insaaaane!

(thanks for some of the pics!)

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